From the Desk of Mr. James Byrd: The Smithsonian Water/Ways Exhibition and An Abundance of Water

2021-04-09T17:16:52-04:00April 9th, 2021|Uncategorized|

Amber Westall Briggs, AMY Regional Library Director, wrote regarding the waterways display at the Yancey County Public Library, "The idea behind the exhibition is not only to explore water's environment and culture input, but also inspire residents to visit our own waterways and to think about what it means to become better stewards of them." [...]

Wonder of Water programming: join us today!

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Wonder of Water programming is available to any student ages 8-12, who would like to participate from home and contribute to this program, as well as interact and ask questions of our group leader Sue Wasserman.  Today's group video asks "How can you harness the energy of water?" Join today! Image: Sue Wasserman Video: Martha [...]

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