Hey folks, did you know your public library system actually subscribes to policies that are based on Constitutional rights? That’s right– the Constitution of the United States of America.

Libraries are for ALL people.  To read about public library policy, please check out the library’s “Access to Ideas” policy or read The American Library Association’s Bill of Rights, the Freedom to Read Statement and The Freedom to View Statement, all of which the regional library system subscribes to.   As such, public libraries choose to highlight how our collection serves the entire population during different parts of the year i.e. women’s history, black history, Asian American history, LGBTQ history, etc. Highlighting specific aspects of our collection doesn’t advocate one viewpoint over another, it just shows that we have materials about that subject.  Further, public libraries are safe spaces for all individuals, free from discrimination or harassment.

If you want to tell us ways we can be more inclusive, then fill out this anonymous Library Bill of Rightsform: