AMY Regional Library

Job Title: Finance Officer/Office Manager

Salary Range: $38,000-$42,000

Reports to: Library Director

FLSA Status: Exempt


An employee in this position assists the Regional Library Director in fiscal management of all federal, state, and local funds.  Duties involve effective and efficient application of fiscal management principles adhering to all governmental regulations and policies.  The work is performed under the supervision of the Regional Director.

Examples of Finance Work:

  • Creates and maintains an individual budget for each of the four libraries, the regional office, and budgets for additional library trusts which are all under the supervision of the Regional Director and subject for approval by each respective individual library board for that library budget.
  • Reviews bills, invoices, debit card transactions and/or other claims. Also responsible for all receipts and deposits of money in a timely manner.
  • Attends all local and regional library board meetings and presents financial information for that respective library.
  • Assists Regional Director on processing grants and keeps detailed records on each grant.
  • Maintains a comprehensive set of accounting information for each individual library budget and the regional library budget and is audited annually by an independent auditing firm.
  • Delivers all yearly maintained files to the independent auditing firm and meets with auditors as needed until the final audit report has been completed.
  • Responsible for preparation and verification of monthly payroll, including maintenance of payroll records.
  • Processes all state and federal tax year ending reports for all library employees.
  • Reviews all purchase orders for supplies, materials, and equipment.
  • Prepares a monthly end revenues and disbursements worksheet for Library Director.

Examples of Office Management Work:

  • Maintains files for all library employees.
  • Maintains all individual employee vacation and sick leave time for the fiscal year.
  • Conducts orientation for new staff on personnel issues; maintains personnel records; notifies staff of personnel changes regarding benefits, related new procedures or regulations.
  • Performs with outside agency and files all background checks for employees, interns, and volunteers.
  • Works with Regional Library Director on employee policy changes if/when needed.
  • Works as the healthcare insurance administrator to locate and maintain competitive health insurance for all library employees.
  • Maintains all individual employee retirement account information files and begins the process of individual employee retirement.
  • Attends personnel and technology workshops when applicable.
  • Performs any other duties requested by the Regional Director.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Ability to deal tactfully, courteously, and effectively with all staff, board members, and volunteers.
  • Considerable knowledge of the application of establishing bookkeeping and accounting principles.
  • Working knowledge of standard office methods and procedures.
  • Ability to learn accounting system, preferably QuickBooks.
  • Ability to prepare standard financial statements and reports.
  • Ability to meet deadlines and plan sequence of work.

Experience, Education, and Training:

Bachelor’s degree preferred.  Course(s) in bookkeeping or accounting with experience in bookkeeping or accounting is/are required.  At least 3 years’ appropriate work experience is required.

The preceding statements describe the general nature of assignments. They are not an exhaustive list, and additional duties may be assigned.

To apply, submit (1) cover letter, (2) brief resume, (3) names of at least three references from former employers. No personal references. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Send application as an attachment or attachments to

Open Until Filled