The AMY Regional Library, effective Nov. 1, 2021, will resume library programming indoors and allow the public to reserve community meeting room spaces.  Our library system does not make this decision lightly, because “any scenario in which people gather poses a risk for Coronavirus transmission.” (NCDHHS)

All of our libraries require patrons gathering in library community spaces and meeting rooms to wear a cloth face covering and to social distance, regardless of vaccination status.  Further, each library has an occupancy limit specific to the community room and/or meeting space so that groups can social distance effectively.  Librarians and staff will inform individuals of these specifics when an individual makes a meeting room request.

For non-library sponsored events taking place inside the library, it is not the responsibility of library staff to make certain your group is maintaining safe practices, it is the responsibility of the individual who makes the reservation.  If the individual making the room reservation does not maintain these safety practices, then that individual is violating library policy, and it is at the discretion of library staff to determine if the group can continue meeting in the library space.

The person responsible for reserving a community room/meeting space is also responsible for making sure the group is sanitizing the tables and chairs.  Sanitizing wipes will be provided for you.  If you do not sanitize the room properly, we cannot guarantee that you will be allowed to reserve the room again.

The library will provide hand sanitizer in each meeting room, and we recommend you encourage meeting attendees to use upon arrival and when leaving the space.  The library provides disposable face coverings if needed, both for adults and children.

We appreciate you doing your part to keep our libraries as safe as possible and allow us to keep the library community spaces available for gathering.  We all want to be together again, but we want to do so as safe as possible. If you have further questions, please reach out to the Regional Library Director Amber Westall Briggs, at or 828-682-4476.

** This policy is an Addendum to the Meeting Room Policy Guidelines, which governs all libraries in the regional library system.  The Addendum required approval by a majority vote of the AMY Regional Library Board, the governing body of the AMY Regional Library System.  Failure of a group and/or individuals to follow the Meeting Room Policy Guidelines, including this Addendum, will result in a warning for violating policy, followed by loss of privileges, if the group and/or individuals continue to violate policy.