AMY Regional Library Update

All public libraries in the AMY Regional System are CLOSED until further notice.

Library staff are teleworking, but staff are not available to answer calls at library locations.  We will update the library system’s website and social media outlets regularly with information regarding our digital library services or if changes are made to the Governor’s Executive Order No. 121.  For FAQs related to this order, please click here.

During the closure, library patrons are asked to keep items currently checked out until AMY Regional Library reopens or until further notice.  Please do not leave library materials at our libraries or Regional Office.  Please do not donate materials at this time.

All fines are waived and all checkout periods extended.  For any assistance with your library account OR to create an e-card, the easiest way to contact us during the month of April will be to contact the Regional Library Office at 828-682-4476 or email at

You may also use the website messaging system to contact the Regional Office.

As the situation continues to evolve, we encourage you to use technology to access our digital resources, but more importantly, use technology to connect to those in your community who are housebound, as are many of our dearest patrons.  Changing generations of social behavior in a few days is taxing on mental and physical health, so look out for one another and take care of yourselves.  For information related to COVID-19, please use the NC Coronavirus Helpline at 1-866-462-3821