Guidelines for Use of Meeting Rooms

General Policy Statement

The public libraries of the Avery-Mitchell-Yancey Regional Library System provide meeting rooms for library-sponsored activities, community groups, agencies, and organizations, available on equal terms for the lawful activities of all groups and individuals, regardless of their beliefs or affiliations, subject to the restrictions set out below. Meeting rooms are made available to groups, organizations and businesses as part of the regional library system’s mission to support the educational, cultural and civic activities of the community.
Library sponsored uses of these rooms shall have priority in scheduling and the terms of this policy do not apply to library sponsored events.

Meeting Room Fees

There is no charge to use the Meeting Room during library hours; after hours charge is $15.00.
There is no charge for Non-Profit Organizations who provide a copy of letter of tax-exempt status.

Regulations Governing Use

Regulations are established to set basic terms and conditions for the use of the regional library system’s community meeting rooms and are not intended to control the content of programs or events held in each local library’s meeting rooms.

No Endorsement
  • The fact that a group is permitted to meet or an individual is permitted to speak in the public library does not constitute an endorsement by the regional library system or by any of the library boards of trustees for the group’s or individual’s beliefs, policies or programs.
  • The group shall not be permitted to issue publicity or advertising indicating library sponsorship, and the regional library system reserves the right to post disclaimers, as applicable, in the meeting area, as well as in such other areas as it deems appropriate.
  • Neither the name nor the library address of any of the public libraries in the regional system may be used as the official address or headquarters of an individual or organization.
  • The Regional Library Director, or any designated staff member, has the right to review handout literature and press releases in advance of the scheduled meeting. Samples of such material shall be submitted to library personnel with the applicant’s reservation request form.
  • Individuals or groups using the meeting rooms may not charge any admission fees, nor may donations or any other types of funds be solicited in connection with attendance or participation in the scheduled event.
  • For use of the meeting rooms during library hours, the libraries charge no fees; however, for use of the rooms before or after library hours, a $15 fee* is charged which helps to cover the meeting room utilities. The library staff reserves the right to require that the room fee payment be in cash. Fee payment is expected prior to the beginning of a group’s meeting.
  • *There is no charge for non-profit organizations who provide a copy of their tax-exempt status letter from the IRS.
  • All programs/meetings are to end 15 minutes before the regular closing time of the Library. A group failing to vacate the meeting room before the regular closing time of the Library will be charged $15 ~~ the same fee charged to groups meeting before or after library hours.
  • Permission to extend a meeting beyond the Library’s hours of operation may be granted by the library staff as long as there is not conflict with the meeting room and the group is willing to pay the $15 after hours meeting room fee.
Prohibited Uses

The meeting rooms may NOT be used for the following purposes:

  • Non-library related groups soliciting or actively selling items or services
  • Profit-making groups charging admission or soliciting donations.
  • Activities likely to disturb regular library functions and not in compliance with the regional library system’s Rules of Behavior Policy.
  • Commercial purposes such as a sales meeting for the promotion of products.
  • Fund-raising activities or events, except those sponsored by the Libraries for the Libraries.
  • Any unlawful purpose or any purposes not consistent with the United States Constitution.
  • Social gatherings, social clubs, social activities unless sponsored by the Libraries.
  • No dance or music recitals unless sponsored by the Libraries.
  • No booking is made to an individual, groups only.

NOTE: The Prohibited Uses list is not a conclusive list, with the Regional Library Board of Trustees reserving the right to update this list on a regular basis.

Commercial Groups

The meeting rooms may not be used by profit-making organizations for commercial purposes.

Open Meetings

All programs and meetings shall be open to the general public. Furthermore, no programs or meetings shall be held from which representatives of the media are excluded.

No Smoking

Smoking is not permitted in any of the regional library system’s meeting rooms, as well as in all other areas of the libraries.

Frequency of Meetings

No organization or group may reserve a meeting room on a continual basis for the same date and time or in such a manner that the Library’s meeting rooms become the regular meeting location for a group. This applies to all the counties making up the regional library system and prohibits the booking of a meeting room in one county one-month, then at another library in another county by the same group.

Use of Premises

Library facilities shall be left in a clean and orderly condition. Cleaning charges will be assessed as follows:

  • Vacuuming and general clean-up: $25
  • Carpet cleaning: $100

Failure by a group to pay the above charges will cause them to forfeit permanently their use of the meeting rooms in the regional library system.
{*The use of food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed, and with most meeting rooms, a kitchenette facility is provided. However, carpet stains due to food and beverages must be removed by a professional cleaning service with the group/organization having booked the room paying the carpet cleaning fee stated in this policy.}
The group/organization using a meeting room must have an adult (18 years of age or older) to book the room. This person agrees to act as a responsible party in connection with:

  • Paying for any damages to Library property occurring during or in connection with the meeting.
  • Enforcing the meeting room regulations.
  • Cleaning up the room at the conclusion of the meeting.
  • Informing library staff of the number attending the meeting.
  • NO SMOKING allowed in the meeting rooms.
  • Seeing that no pieces of equipment or other items belonging to the group are left in the meeting room once the meeting has adjourned.

Booking Reservations

Booking of the meeting rooms shall be on a first come, first served basis with the room booking made directly to the library staff where the meeting is to be held. Reservations are requested to be made at least (3) working days in advance and cannot be made more than (3) months in advance of the meeting date. Bookings of two consecutive days are not permitted.
A written reservation form must be filled out at least 3 working days prior to a meeting date at the library location where the meeting is to take place. This form is available at each of the libraries in the regional library system.
A request form may be taken by phone but will be held only for 48 hours. If no form is filled out in person during the 48-hour time period, the request becomes void for use of the room for the date specified. *****For telephone reservations made from outside the Tri-County area, a written reservation form is to be completed and on file at the library location within (7) working days following the date of the phone call.
If use of the meeting room is denied by the library staff, the applicant may appeal to the Library Board of Trustees of the specific library where the meeting is desired.

No Local Library Board of Trustees may override the Meeting Room Policy Guidelines, which governs all of the libraries in the regional library system.


REMINDER: The Avery-Mitchell-Yancey Regional Library System reserves the right to update this policy as deemed necessary by the Regional Library Board of Trustees.

Approved by the Avery-Mitchell-Yancey Regional Library Board 21st day of June, 2001 Signed By: Shannon Chrisawn, Regional Board Chairman